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China Double Pitch Precision Roller Chains diamond roller chain

Item Description

The equipment applies pre-10sion approach to create hollow core slab on the concrete casting mattress. It requires motor as travel and use reciprocating linear motion of the sliding block to transmit the mix substance sort hopper to the forming component of the machine. The concrete materials pushing each and every other and excluding the air and by continuous vibration the concrete plasticizing rapidly. At the same time, the response pressure made by the sliding block pushing material, it helps the device conquer the friction resistance and transfer forward and slabs getting shaped at the behind of the machine.



GLY150*1200 fifteen 1.2-1.4m/min seven.five 10.24 nine.5mm fourteen 13
GLY one hundred eighty*1200 19 1-1.2m/min nine 16.16 twelve.7mm ten eleven
GLY two hundred*1200 22 one-1.2m/min ten.two thirteen.22 twelve.7mm 10 eight
GLY250*900 18.5KW one.2m/min 12.six eleven.one 12.7mm seven 6peach
GLY300*900 22KW 1.2m/min fifteen 10.83 twelve.7mm 8 5peach
GLY 220*1200 24KW 1-1.2m/min 10.5 10.9 twelve.7mm 9 8
GLY 250*1200 26KW one-1.2m/min 12.6 11.1 twelve.7mm 10 eight
GLY three hundred*1200
33KW one-1.2m/min fifteen ten.eighty three twelve.7mm 12
We can make the equipment according Consumers Style for slabs.

Our Equipment Can Generate The Slab thickness from 50mm up to 500mm as Buyer Request.
Massive Span Hollow core slab programs:
Precast prestressed hollow core slabs, with their lightweight and thickness can cross spans extremely higher.
According to the fast implementation, these slabs allow a simplification of the composition and a reduction of the building height.

Application locations:
-Workplace creating
-Industrial structures (factories, warehouse )
-Business buildings
-Public structures
Benefits of hollow core slab:
1. A very automated generation process.
2. Smooth even base surfaces which means bogus ceilings can be omitted.
3. Good seem insulation qualities.
four. Since of the longitudinal cores weight of the floor is lowered.
five. The voids in hollow core can be used for technical installations, i.e. air flow conduits, plumbing and electrical pipes and so on.
6. Limited building time, absence of scaffolding, large mechanical and longevity efficiency, excellent span-depth ratio and very good flexibility in design and style.
7. Hollow core can be designed to satisfy distinct fire course demands.
eight. Hollow core can be employed with all kinds of supporting structures i.e. Bearing partitions, skeletal concrete constructions or steel frames.
9. The lowered bodyweight of slabs provides savings in foundations and constructions.
10. More time spans, much less help, far more flexibility in floor plan design.

      8.five 1.3-1.5 2100×960×720 1150


As your one particular-quit resource, AT PRECAST,we design, producer and distribute precast concrete add-ons including the Lifting Programs and Anchoring techniques Coil and Ferrule Inserts. for Concrete and Prefabricated location.

As a leader in establishing concrete accent products, our main purpose is to make merchandise that are safer, quicker and more expense efficient.

With a lot more than completely fifty a long time working encounter, our whole staff is focused to supply you with the very best client support and aggressive prices. Our income pressure are CZPT to reply your inquiries quickly and offer you specialized assist .

one hundred% quality  production.
 We guarantee that our products meet your supplied specifications
 Extremely competitive pricing
 Delivery to your port or front door
 4 —- 8 week lead times
 We handle all paperwork
 Partial container orders
 Flexible payment options
 Unique tooling options
 Full range of packaging options from bulk to retail ready
 Complete testing services available


one. Where is your spot?

We are found in HangZhou Town of China and are closed to Airport. It will take 30minuts by car from Liuting Airport our company.

2. How extended has the organization been established?

AT Market was recognized in 2009. There is 6 several years exporting activities.

three. How many workers do you have?

Administration / sales    4
Engineering / design and style as our partner     eight
Production as our partners one hundred twenty
Top quality assurance / inspection   ten

four. Which international locations do you export to?

U.S.A, Germany, France, Italy, Uk, Brazil, Middle east of Asia, Thailand,

5. What proportion of your merchandise are exported?

100% of our production are exported to all over the entire world.

6. How prolonged does it just take to acquire samples?

a) Sample:thirty-45days right after order 
b) Sample:30days following sample ending.
c) The direct time is the common generation interval and does not contain the transportation time.

7. New product growth procedure

Acquired tooling get and sample order with fifty% deposit—Maintain a conference with the relation dept. to make sure the building plan—Layout pattern, fixture and gauge and creating them in our residence—mildew metal acquiring—Machining—Inspection—Send out out the sample with first inspection report.

8. How long is the manufacturing direct time?

Mass Creation: 90days soon after sample acceptance by yours.
The lead time is the common generation period including the transportation time.
We could make some specific generation arrangement efficiently if customer has urgent need to have.

9. What basis can we get merchandise?

We typically offer you buyers rates FOB& CIF (Carriage, Insurance policy & Freight). The CIF contains the freight expense to your nominated sea port.
We do give clearance of merchandise which needs to be managed by a nearby freight forwarder.
All regional expenses and taxes are the accountability of the customer. We are pleased to offer you advisement on delivery if essential.

10. What are the payment terms?

Payment phrases are negotiable and will improve for prolonged time period consumers.
Throughout the original phases, we request fifty% of tooling payment in advance with the balance payable on acceptance of samples.
Generation orders can be negotiable. We favor fifty% deposit and the harmony by T/T ahead of sails. But often T/T 30 days following sails would also suitable.

11. Which currency can we purchase in?

We can offer in USD / Euro currency / GBP.

twelve. How prolonged does it just take to ship products from China by sea?

It normally takes about 5 months to European ports in addition 1 week customs clearance, so you can get the container in 6 to 7 weeks. It takes about 2 weeks to east coast and 3 weeks to west coastline US ports. All sea merchandise are delivered from HangZhou Port.

thirteen. How prolonged does it just take to ship goods from China by air?

It will take about 7 days to all main places.

14. Can we pay a visit to the factory to conduct an audit?

Yes, you are welcome to check out our associate manufacturing unit by prior arrangement.

fifteen. How do we retain client confidentiality?

We are content to indicator Confidentiality Agreements with buyers and will honor them.

16. Which languages do we do organization in?

Despite the fact that we do company with a lot of nations around the world around the planet, we can only connect efficiently in Chinese English.
All information equipped ought to therefore be provided in this type.

17. Is there a least quantity of business required to carry out worldwide acquiring?

There are no bare minimum volumes, but the rates of the merchandise, additionally the fastened fees of importing makes it more affordable to purchase in higher volumes. All prospective buyers will be assessed on an personal foundation to decide if it seems a feasible option for all events to build a connection.

eighteen. What type of parts you are specialised in?

Our business includes 2 places,
one is for design precast which includes lifting system, rigging hardware steel components.
One more is custom-made metal business of quality sand castings, investment castings, lost foam castings, hot forgings, cold forgings, stampings, machined parts, injectionmolded plastics parts, etc.

19. Which type of equipments do you have?

Forging friction press 160Ton, 300Ton, 630Ton, 1200Ton
Casting CZPT of 200kg, 500kg,1000kgs, 2000kgs
Push of 63ton, 120tons
CNC Machining centre
CNC Vertical Lathe
CNC Lathe centre
Uninteresting device
Drilling equipment


US $0.987
/ Piece
10 Pieces

(Min. Order)


Type: Special Type
Transmission: Hydraulic Transmission
Walking Mode: Wheeled
Load and Unload Method: Rear Dump
Engine Power: 74~147kw
Certification: CE, ISO9001: 2000


US$ 20/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample




GLY150*1200 15 1.2-1.4m/min 7.5 10.24 9.5mm 14 13
GLY 180*1200 19 1-1.2m/min 9 16.16 12.7mm 10 11
GLY 200*1200 22 1-1.2m/min 10.2 13.22 12.7mm 10 8
GLY250*900 18.5KW 1.2m/min 12.6 11.1 12.7mm 7 6peach
GLY300*900 22KW 1.2m/min 15 10.83 12.7mm 8 5peach
GLY 220*1200 24KW 1-1.2m/min 10.5 10.9 12.7mm 9 8
GLY 250*1200 26KW 1-1.2m/min 12.6 11.1 12.7mm 10 8
GLY 300*1200
33KW 1-1.2m/min 15 10.83 12.7mm 12
We can produce the machine according Customers Design for slabs.


      8.5 1.3-1.5 2100×960×720 1150
US $0.987
/ Piece
10 Pieces

(Min. Order)


Type: Special Type
Transmission: Hydraulic Transmission
Walking Mode: Wheeled
Load and Unload Method: Rear Dump
Engine Power: 74~147kw
Certification: CE, ISO9001: 2000


US$ 20/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample




GLY150*1200 15 1.2-1.4m/min 7.5 10.24 9.5mm 14 13
GLY 180*1200 19 1-1.2m/min 9 16.16 12.7mm 10 11
GLY 200*1200 22 1-1.2m/min 10.2 13.22 12.7mm 10 8
GLY250*900 18.5KW 1.2m/min 12.6 11.1 12.7mm 7 6peach
GLY300*900 22KW 1.2m/min 15 10.83 12.7mm 8 5peach
GLY 220*1200 24KW 1-1.2m/min 10.5 10.9 12.7mm 9 8
GLY 250*1200 26KW 1-1.2m/min 12.6 11.1 12.7mm 10 8
GLY 300*1200
33KW 1-1.2m/min 15 10.83 12.7mm 12
We can produce the machine according Customers Design for slabs.


      8.5 1.3-1.5 2100×960×720 1150

What is a drive chain?

A drive chain is a wheeled device that transmits power from one gear to another. The drive chain is usually an oval ring around a corner or worm gear. On the other hand, idler pulleys do not transmit power and are not used to move the chain. In some cases, drive chains can be used with idler pulleys to transport objects. This allows the drive chain to recover some power from the second gear.

conveyor chain

There are many types of conveyor chains to choose from. One type is a closed joint chain. It consists of the barrel and connecting rod, made from a single casting and heat-treated for high strength and durability. Conveyor chains typically have low running speeds and are typically made of malleable iron. Another type of chain is the power transmission chain, which is used to transmit mechanical power. They feature efficient lubrication and are stronger than conventional conveyor chains.
Roller chain pitches can range from half an inch to a third of an inch. They are available in steel and nickel-plated steel. They can be used with inline or staggered rollers and can be designed with different pitch levels. They can also have bushings between the chainplates or gaps between the teeth to increase their maximum spacing. When choosing a conveyor chain, remember to properly lubricate bearing surfaces to minimize power absorption, wear, and corrosion. Mineral oils of medium viscosity are suitable for normal operating temperatures. SAE 20W50 is suitable. Manufacturers also offer self-lubricating chains.
Conveyor chains are used in many industries. The automotive industry has traditionally used these chains for bulk transport. Their reliability and low cost make them an excellent choice for a variety of applications. CZPT Chains offers stainless steel and CZPT conveyor chains to meet your unique requirements. If you’re in the market for a new conveyor, don’t forget to shop around. CZPT Chain can help you find the perfect one.
The regular drive version consists of an ASME/ANSI roller chain wrapped around a driven sprocket. It can also be configured for variable rpm. The gear ratio between the two parts determines the reduction or increase in speed. In some cases, solution chains can be used. Roller chains are more efficient. Then, there are solutions for both cases. There are many types of conveyor chains to choose from.
Conveyor chain pitch also plays an important role in performance. The smaller the pitch of the chain, the faster it spins. On the other hand, a smaller pitch will require more teeth on the sprocket, which means more links will be engaged during the movement. This smaller articulation angle also produces smoother motion. It also reduces vibration. Therefore, CZPT Chains can be trusted for a long time.

roller chain

The performance of a drive chain depends on how well it is maintained and lubricated. Careful attention to detail is required when selecting a roller chain, which is one of the most important components in a drive chain. Its proper lubrication and assembly will significantly affect its wear life. Here are some important tips to follow when buying a roller chain:
The size of the drive chain should be selected according to the sprockets used. The large sprocket should have at least 25 teeth, and the small sprocket should have fewer teeth. The pitch of a drive chain is the contact angle between the chain and the sprocket. The smaller the sprocket, the smaller the contact angle of the two parts. Larger sprockets are better, but smaller sprockets must never have fewer teeth.
When purchasing a roller chain, be sure to consider the maximum speed of the small sprocket. This will determine how much lubrication you need. Different lubrication systems have different requirements. Manual lubrication limits how many feet per minute the drive chain can run, while oil bath lubrication can get you up to 1100 ft/min. The only way to maximize drive chain speed is to purchase a pump lubrication system.
Once you have the right length, you can determine if you need a new one. To do this you have to move the axis to measure the length. Once the length is determined, the drive chain should be removed from the sprocket and measured using the ANSI specified measuring load. You should also follow safety guidelines when measuring your chain. If you want to maximize the life of your drive chain, be sure to follow these tips.
Another important consideration is the type of environment you operate in. For applications that need to avoid rubbing steel rails, it is best to use a roller chain that can withstand a clean indoor environment. Although roller chains are generally more durable, they must be stored properly to avoid corrosion. If you care about the environment, consider opting for double chain. Its durability and low maintenance costs will make it a valuable investment in your business.

closed pivot

Closed-end pivot drive chains are used in a variety of applications. They are known for their durability, high strength, and long life. They are available in a variety of grades, including grade 400, grade 600, and grade 800 pivots, which can withstand the high forces required for certain applications. Enclosed pivot chains can be used to lift, pull, convey and transfer heavy loads.
Class 400 closed-end pivot chain features one-piece cast offset link construction. Steel pins connect each link and are prevented from rotating by head stops. This design allows the pin to connect inside the barrel without breaking. This type of chain is the most commonly used and has the highest durability. In addition to being extremely durable, it offers long-lasting performance and smooth operation.
Another closed-end pivot conveyor chain drive is called a power drive chain. These chains consist of barrels and links used to transmit rotation from one shaft to another. The barrels of the closed-end pivot chains are made of steel, which allows them to run easily on the sprockets. Block drive chains are used for low-speed applications, but they can be noisy when the chain is in contact with the sprockets.
The enclosed pivot drive chain has rollers on both ends to minimize wear. These chains are usually made of steel and can be used in areas where high-speed power transmission is required. They are also available in heavy-duty versions. Unlike other types of chains, steel pivot chains are designed for a variety of applications. They are suitable for heavy-duty applications and their open barrel design allows for minimal contact with the pins in the barrel and the root of the sprocket.

Linear chain

CZPT is an important part of linear drive technology. This type of chain is capable of delivering real power in tight spaces. Typically, loads are moved by pulling or pushing. CZPT can perform both types of movements. They can push and pull additional loads. This type of chain can also be wound and stored in the magazine. It is a popular choice for small machine tools and many other uses.
Unlike traditional mechanical chains, CZPT uses a push-pull strategy to move heavy objects. It is a rigid locking design that prevents kinking and allows the chain to transmit force without bending. The CZPT is an excellent choice for moving large loads and is particularly versatile in power transmission. However, CZPT is more expensive than traditional drive chain options.
The service life of a linear chain depends on its design, material type and size. You may want to buy a good quality chain, but it’s not necessary in all cases. While superior quality can extend the life of the chain, it may not be necessary for low-speed drives or very light shock loads. If you’re not dealing with high-velocity shock loads, you probably don’t need features like oil reservoirs or bushing grooves.
The size of the drive sprocket can have a major impact on the overall life of the linear chain. It determines how fast the chain can go and how much horsepower it can produce. An 11-tooth chain will hit about half its rated speed, but only about 30 percent of its rated horsepower. You can extend the life of your linear chain by choosing a drive sprocket with a higher number of teeth. It is best to choose a drive sprocket with a high number of teeth, but make sure the number of teeth is even. This will ensure that your chain wear is evenly distributed.

China Double Pitch Precision Roller Chains     diamond roller chainChina Double Pitch Precision Roller Chains     diamond roller chain
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China Custom Double Pitch Roller Chains with Great quality

Product Description


WHY Choose US?

1. We, Eyesight Chain, is grown- up new star of chain and sprocket company. And appreciate a very good popularity among our buyers. Now we are 1 of the foremost Chain and sprocket manufactuer in China.
2. Possess Import – Export License, The Tv trade mark registered productively in many nations around the world.
3. Good quality Assurance: ISO9001: 2000 & ISO14001: 2004.
four. With outstanding qualified staffs and workers, superior and efficient gear and rigid QA programs.

Types of roller chains and their purposes

There are several elements that can cause premature wear of the roller chain. They incorporate friction, external shocks, and deficiency of lubrication or adjustment. Listed here are some tips to help you stop premature chain use. Read on to learn a lot more about the diverse varieties of roller chains and their applications. You’ll be stunned how speedily the roller chain wears out! Under we have detailed some of the most typical causes of premature roller chain dress in.

Double strand weighty-responsibility roller chain

If your application needs a weighty-duty chain, a double-strand steel roller chain is an exceptional option. Double-strand metal roller chains are made to decrease pressure tiredness and stretch, generating them ideal for industrial and logging equipment. This sort of chain is also heat-treated and shot-peened for exceptional tiredness resistance and strength. Detailed beneath are some of the rewards of double-strand hefty-obligation roller chains.
When evaluating one-strand and double-strand hefty-duty roller chains, double-strand metal roller chains are generally much better. They have 2 times as a lot of aspect plates and a operating load close to that of a twin-strand metal roller chain. As opposed to single-strand steel roller chains, double-strand roller chains are not interchangeable with regular double-sprockets. They use sprockets specially produced for double chains.
Double strand chains are particularly sturdy, resistant to rust and corrosion, and ideal for substantial-tension purposes. They are typically used in conveyor systems, paper mill equipment, ditches, lifts, seed drills, and numerous hoisting machinery. They are also utilized in the wastewater and foods processing industries. Chains of this sort are employed on conveyor traces, so they are an outstanding option for heavy machinery.

Nickel-plated chain

Nickel-plated roller chains are excellent for outdoor work, mildly corrosive environments, and programs requiring a good chain visual appeal. Nickel plating boosts part hardness and improves use resistance even though making sure that all surfaces are guarded. The benefits of nickel-plated roller chains consist of improved sturdiness, corrosion resistance, and a bright glow. Listed here are a few motives to use such a chain. All chains are created to the greatest top quality and protection standards.
Even though marginally corrosive, nickel-plated roller chains are ideal for programs in high salt and large humidity environments. However, nickel plating can peel and chip, so nickel roller chains are not suggested for use in foodstuff processing or other environments exposed to corrosive substances. ANSI B29.1 standard chain can be nickel-plated and is perfect for a assortment of applications like industrial garage doors and boat lifts.
CZPT Usa Corp. is fully commited to currently being the premier agricultural and industrial chain provider in the United States. By focusing on quality, they make certain their chains provide lengthy daily life and unmatched wear resistance. If you happen to be hunting for a good quality plated roller chain, contemplate picking a chain from a foremost producer. If you want the toughness and energy of a nickel roller chain, decide on CZPT United states of america Corp. We manufacture the optimum quality chains in the Usa.
In addition to high toughness, nickel-plated roller chains are also offered in elastomer profiles. These varieties of chains can deal with 1/2 to 3/4″ hundreds, based on their pitch. They are also ideal for light traction on sensitive surfaces. The power of these chains is dependent on the sort of the major url utilized in the chain. Nickel-plated roller chains are offered in a selection of measurements and are priced to go well with a assortment of purposes.

Stainless metal chain

Stainless steel roller chains are ideal for industrial applications in two severe environments. They have excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, as well as large strength. Chains are obtainable in a few grades to meet up with different operational wants. 304SS is ideal for foodstuff speak to apps, although 316SS and 606SS offer exceptional corrosion resistance. 600 series stainless metal offers excellent corrosion and wears resistance with precipitation hardened components.
In foodstuff processing, stainless metal chains are often uncovered to extremely high temperatures and substantial concentrations of acids, alkalis, and drinking water. They are also resistant to substantial concentrations of acid and chlorine. And their lower magnetic permeability makes it possible for them to function properly in hygienic situations. But stainless steel roller chains also have some drawbacks. Regardless of their superb corrosion resistance, these chains are not advisable for use in food processing environments.
When compared to carbon steel, stainless metal roller chains are softer and maintain longer. This signifies it could dress in out more rapidly. Given that stainless metal is not heat-handled, its area hardness is different from carbon metal. It retains heat for longer, minimizing its tensile toughness and extending its lifespan. Nevertheless, stainless metal roller chains are best for a range of industrial apps.
The stainless steel roller chain is produced of high-quality substance. For illustration, the Leading sequence stainless steel roller chains are made in Japan employing a specific variety of stainless steel shot peening process. They also feature a strong roller design that reduces facet flex. The Leading variety also characteristics very polished facet panels and is offered in 10′ bins, 50′ reels, and 100′ reels. They can also be reduce to duration if required.

Accumulation conveyor

Roller chain accumulation conveyors are created to transport masses up to 440 lbs or two hundred kg. The accumulator chain is situated on huge idler rollers to guarantee peaceful procedure and the minimal pressure required to maintain the pallet. They are suited for a variety of purposes and can be integrated into the entire processing technique. These conveyor belts have T-slots on 3 sides of the profile frame for connecting brackets and sensors.
Sensors put in in the accumulation area detect objects on the conveyor line and ship alerts to the motors that electricity the accumulation region. The motor can be external or created into the drum itself. Other varieties of sensors use mild, this kind of as photosensors. Photoelectric sensors detect objects by emitting and obtaining certain wavelengths of light-weight. This choice is expense-powerful due to the fact the sensor rollers are positioned slightly earlier mentioned the area of the conveyor line.
Roller chain accumulation conveyors can be made of steel or plastic rollers. It can be geared up with staggered or coaxial rollers. Protection include helps prevent accidental insertion of fingers into the chain, strengthening operator security. The basic safety protect is appropriate with the chain kind and necessary bend radius. These caps are created of plastic clips that fit forever on the inner back links of the chain. They do not interfere with conveyed products or workpiece carriers.
There are two simple types of accumulation conveyors: free circulation and accumulation. Cost-free-flowing chains permit conveyed objects to slide directly onto the chain even though stacking chains let merchandise to slide below the chain. Accumulation chains are frequently utilized in the foodstuff and packaging industries and have rollers that support conveyed objects. The free of charge-flowing conveyor technique gets rid of the risk of harmful objects, as the rollers in the accumulation conveyor are in immediate make contact with with the base of the cargo.

Custom attachment

Regular add-ons for roller chains are offered in a range of types. Normally, they can be assembled on pin or roller links. When referring to connecting chains, it is important to know how to refer to pitch and centre-to-center spacing. The pitch of the roller chain must contain internal and outer roller back links and must alternate each and every three pitches. Moreover, you can buy customized add-ons for pin or roller linkages. Underneath are some illustrations of custom accessories for roller chains.
Stainless steel roller chains are 1 of the most nicely-acknowledged chains for this software. It has a stainless metal 304 complete to produce curved and straight lugs. For even more versatility, you can also request personalized accessories this sort of as chain plate holes and pins. For additional basic safety, numerous equipment can be hooked up to the single-pitch roller chain. It can also be manufactured with numerous pins or curved lugs.
HKK Chains is stocked with much stainless steel and carbon steel regular connecting chains. Most of the time, they can assemble a custom accent chain in no time. For case in point, a single-pitch chain with two connecting holes is known as a vast profile. In addition, chains can be manufactured in a assortment of resources, like carbon metal, stainless metal, Lambda, plastic, and Extremely WP. In addition, a extensive range of special accessories is available for specific industries.

China Custom Double Pitch Roller Chains     with Great quality