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Escalator Spare Parts Escalator Step Chain Chain Elevator

Product Description

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HangZhou CZPT Intl Trading Co.,Ltd is a professional One-Stop supplier of escalator spare parts.Our parts are mostly from original escalator equipment manufacturers to match the exact models and clients’ needs. “NSTO” has a mature logistic system to provide your products in time.

Our Advantages
1. 8 years export experience.
2. Professional team and solution provider.
3. One-Stop Supplier of escalator spare parts.
4. Support OEM & Customization.
5. Original quality with favorable price.
6. Safety and flexible payment terms.
7. Fast and flexible delivery terms.

Get all original escalator spare parts from NSTO
Escalator Cascade chain
Hand strap
Chain turn/handrail faucet
Stainless steel ladder
Aluminium alloy ladder
Plastic comb tooth plate
Aluminum alloy comb tooth plate
Border/border bar
Roller/cascade wheel
Drive shaft/chain/gear
Entrance and exit panels/ friction wheels
Driving wheel/idler wheel


Q1.Products Quality Assurance 
We provide 1-3 years assurance for dlifferent products.
Q2.MOQ(minimum order quantity) 
Our MOQ is usually 1 piece . But some products have a required MOQ
Q3.What if I get defective parts?
If the damage is caused by us,we will send you new goods for free.
If it is the men-made damage,we will send you new goods after you make new payment.

After-sales Service: 1years
Warranty: 1years
Type: Escalator Step Chain
Load Capacity: 6750 Persons/H
Use of Occasions: Outdoor
Speed: 0.65M/S
US$ 24/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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stainless steel chain

How does the dimensional accuracy of stainless steel roller chains compare to other chains?

The dimensional accuracy of stainless steel roller chains is generally high, comparable to or even superior to other types of chains. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Precision Manufacturing: Stainless steel roller chains are produced using advanced manufacturing processes that ensure tight tolerances and precise dimensions. This level of precision contributes to their overall dimensional accuracy.
  • Consistent Pitch: Stainless steel chains exhibit consistent pitch, which refers to the distance between each roller or link. This uniformity in pitch allows for smooth and reliable operation in various applications.
  • Roller Diameter and Plate Thickness: Stainless steel roller chains are designed to have consistent roller diameters and plate thicknesses, which further contribute to their dimensional accuracy. These standardized dimensions enable proper engagement with sprockets and ensure optimal performance.
  • Minimal Elongation: Stainless steel chains have minimal elongation over time, meaning they maintain their original dimensions and do not significantly stretch or deform during operation. This characteristic helps preserve their dimensional accuracy over the lifespan of the chain.

In summary, stainless steel roller chains exhibit high dimensional accuracy due to their precision manufacturing, consistent pitch, roller diameter, plate thickness, and minimal elongation. This makes them reliable and precise components for various industrial applications.

stainless steel chain

Are there any design considerations when using stainless steel roller chains?

Yes, there are several design considerations to keep in mind when using stainless steel roller chains. Here are some important points:

  • Chain Size and Strength: Selecting the appropriate chain size and strength is crucial to ensure the chain can withstand the anticipated loads and operating conditions. Consider factors such as the required tensile strength, pitch, roller diameter, and plate thickness when choosing the chain.
  • Sprocket Design: Proper sprocket design is essential for optimal chain engagement, smooth operation, and reduced wear. Ensure that the sprockets match the chain’s pitch, roller diameter, and tooth profile. Improperly designed or worn sprockets can lead to premature chain failure.
  • Tensioning and Slack: Maintaining the proper tension and minimizing slack in the chain is important for reliable operation. Improper tensioning can lead to excessive wear, vibration, and increased risk of failure. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for tensioning guidelines.
  • Environmental Considerations: Take into account the specific environmental conditions in which the chain will operate. Factors such as temperature variations, exposure to chemicals or corrosive substances, and the presence of contaminants can influence the chain’s performance and longevity.
  • Proper Lubrication: Ensure that the chain receives proper lubrication throughout its service life. Consider the lubrication method, frequency, and the use of appropriate lubricants that are compatible with stainless steel and the operating conditions.
  • Maintenance Access: Design the system in a way that allows easy access for inspection, cleaning, and maintenance activities. Proper maintenance practices are crucial for extending the chain’s lifespan and ensuring reliable operation.

Considering these design considerations and consulting with the manufacturer or a qualified engineer can help ensure the proper selection and design of stainless steel roller chains for optimal performance and longevity.

stainless steel chain

How does the wear resistance of stainless steel roller chains compare to other materials?

The wear resistance of stainless steel roller chains can vary depending on factors such as the specific grade of stainless steel, the operating conditions, and the type of material being compared. Here’s some information:

  • Compared to Carbon Steel: Stainless steel roller chains generally have lower wear resistance compared to roller chains made from high-strength carbon steel. Carbon steel chains are known for their excellent wear resistance, making them suitable for applications with high loads and abrasive conditions.
  • Compared to Alloy Steel: Alloy steel roller chains, which are made from materials like chromium-molybdenum steel, offer higher wear resistance compared to stainless steel chains. Alloy steel chains are often used in heavy-duty applications that require superior strength and wear resistance.
  • Dependence on Grade: The wear resistance of stainless steel roller chains can also vary depending on the grade of stainless steel used. Certain grades, such as AISI 420, are specifically known for their high hardness and wear resistance, making them suitable for applications that require superior abrasion resistance.
  • Operating Conditions: The wear resistance of stainless steel roller chains can be influenced by the operating conditions, such as the presence of contaminants, temperature variations, or exposure to abrasive substances. Adequate lubrication, regular maintenance, and proper installation can help mitigate wear in stainless steel chains.

It’s important to consider the specific wear requirements of the application and consult with the manufacturer or a qualified engineer to determine the most suitable material and chain design for optimal wear resistance.

China wholesaler Xunda New Slewing Chain Elevator Accessories Section 17  China wholesaler Xunda New Slewing Chain Elevator Accessories Section 17
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